Q:  If we are committing to Dream Big, how does this change my other giving to GraceHill?

During this two-year period, every contribution to God through GraceHill Church is a contribution to our Dream Big initiative.  Every aspect of the ministry vision God is calling us towards for the next two years will be funded through Dream Big.  There will not be separate funds.  Every gift that is given to GraceHill Church will go to the key components of this initiative – to fund our general ministry budget (including all church operations, renovations/rental of a new rental space, and ministry expansion over the next 2 years) – to fund our dream of building a new permanent space on the land at 192nd & Dodge.

Q:  What are you asking me to do?

First and foremost we are asking that you pray and seek God’s leading on what He is asking of you.  Prepare your heart to hear Him, and then listen to what He says.  Engage in our Connect Night programming, Engage in personal reflection with God in the Dream Big workbook you will be receiving.  Talk with your spouse, GraceHill family members, your family, friends, or others about what this commitment will mean for this next exciting season of your life.

We are asking that you make a commitment to gospel-driven, surrendered generosity – whatever it is that God leads you to do.  Follow His leading.

Finally, prepare to be amazed.  It is an awesome God that we serve, and we anticipate He will move in huge ways as we seek an unprecedented impact from our collective Dream Big commitments – something only God can do.  Please mark your calendar for Commitment Sunday, November 7th, for a worship service that will be a defining moment for our church and for your own faith.

Q:  Are there additional ways besides cash that I can give more towards Dream Big?

Be creative as you explore ways you and your family can give towards Dream Big.  You might have some stocks, property, or other items of that nature.  Or you may have some stored resources that God has blessed you with in the past that He might be calling you to give out of during this time.  Please let us know if you need assistance with facilitating gifts of property or stock, and we would be happy to help you with that.  You can contact Charlie Melton at cmelton1@cox.net to make a gift of this type.

Q:  How long is my commitment?

We are asking that everyone make a two-year commitment.  The fulfillment period for your commitment will begin with our First Big Give on Sunday, December 5, 2021 and it will culminate in December of 2023.

Q:  What if I have never even given to GraceHill Church before?

Dream Big was crafted specifically with you in mind.  Dream Big is a "one fund" generosity initiative, meaning that it is different from a traditional capital campaign where you are called to give an extra gift above and beyond your normal giving - thus creating two steps for people who aren't yet giving.  Dream Big is a call to surrendered, gospel-driven generosity for absolutely everyone at GraceHill Church.  If you have never given before, this is your chance to get in the game with committed giving.  We really hope you will.

Q: What if I am new around here?

Dream Big is about the vision for our church and our personal discipleship in giving as followers of Jesus.  We believe that the local church is one of the most compelling missions to give towards, and we would really love for you to make GraceHill Church your home and join us in Dream Big.  If you are ready for it, this is a perfect time for you to put a stake in the ground and make this your church.  We need you on the team!

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